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About Seth Logistics

At Seth logistics, you get the best service and top-notch professionalism as our staff is highly trained to guarantee reliability. Your contentment is guaranteed because customer satisfaction is the life-blood of our organization

Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.

Everyday is a new opportunity at creating a lifetime of good connections. That is why we work really hard to satisfy our customers who are from a diverse selection across multiple fields. Whoever you are, whatever the nature of your brand is, we’ve got you!



Our people are our most important assets. We will respect each other and embrace our geographical and cultural differences.


We will be honest, transparent and trustworthy in all our business dealings

Customer focused

Our customers are the reason we exist. We are committed to treating each customer with utmost respect as we strive to meet and exceed their expectations. .


We will be responsible and adhere to all obligations to our customers.


We will collaborate with our customers, partners and each other to ensure 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.

Service Delivery

Every customer will be treated to professional, accurate and timely solutions always

Our Team

Adedeji Isreal

Managing Director

Isreal Adedeji is a seasoned professional in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry with over 20years experience, spanning across various countries and continents. He started his career with Links Freight Nigeria as the Operations Manager where he was responsible for all operations in the cargo section of the Lagos International Airport. Driven by a desire to provide exceptional and affordable logistics solutions to all, Mr Isreal Adedeji with his wealth of experience established Seth Logistics Nigeria Limited in 2003. Today the company operates as a principle contact for UK businesses and under his leadership, Seth Logistics has become one of the fastest growing logistics companies in Nigeria, transporting goods from the United Kingdom, Dubia, China, Croatia etc. Isreal is an astute businessman who believes strongly in the principles of integrity and accountability. As someone who loves challenges, he sees problems as puzzles needing to be solved, this has earned him the reputation of a fixer.

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